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Cantina/Tequilas Margaritas Del Este Conmemerativo Añejo Tequila, Cointreau and Grand Marnier. Served on the Rocks. Single 8.50 Dosarita 15.25 Frambuesa Sauza Hornitos Tequila, Cointreau and Marie Brizzard Raspberry De Bordeaux. Served on the Rocks. Single 8.50 Dosarita 15.25 Asom Shaker Asombroso Plata Tequila, Marie Brizard Orange and Cointreau. Served in a shaker with ice. Single 11.25 Orange Milagro Milagro Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, Sweet & Sour and Orange Juice Served on the Rocks. Single 8.25 Dosarita 15.00 Margarita Especial We Asked Our Cantinaeros to Come Up with a Unique, Delicious Margaritas. Ask Your Server About What Our Cantineros Have Created Recently! Single 8.00 Dosarita 15.00 Silvera Margarita Paqui Silvera Tequila, Marie Brizard Orange and Cointreau Single 8.25 Dosarita 15.00 Cantina Quinta Margarita Las Casuelas* Famous House Recipe! Prepared with Real Lime Juice, Montezuma Tequila and Montezuma Triple Sec Served on the Rocks. Single 7.00 Dosarita 13.00 Cantina Quinta's Fruit Margaritas Strawberry, Mango, Peach, Raspberry,Banana, Melon, or Del Mar (Azul). Served Frozen Single 7.50 Dosarita 14.00 Scratch Built with Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, Sweet & Sour, Montezuma and Triple Sec. Served on the Rocks. Single 7.50 Dosarita 14.00 Del Rey 1800 Reposado, Cointreau and Grand Marnier. Served on the Rocks. Single 8.50 Dosarita 15.25 Mexitinis Milagrotini Milagro Blanco Tequila, Marie Brizard Orange, Cointreau and Sweet & Sour. 8.25 Asom Lemon Drop Asombroso Plata, Amaretto, Lemon Juice, and Sweet & Sour. 8.25 Specialty Drinks TEQUILA SUNRISE 7.50 MAI TAI 7.50 LONG ISLAND ICED TEA 7.50 PINA COLADA 7.50 FRUIT DAIQUIRIS 7.50 MARGARITA COOLER 6.50 Cervezas IMPORTED 5.25 Corona    Corona Light    Pacifico    Heineken    Negra Modelo (Dark) Modelo Especial     Carta Blanca     XX Lager     Tecate     Bohemia DOMESTIC 5.00 Budweiser     Bud Light     Miller Lite     O’Douls (Non) MGD     Smirnoff Ice     Coors Light     St. Pauli Girl (Non) Vinos Ask your server about Our Cellar Collection Menu Glass/Bottle Sparkling Wine & Champagne Las Casuelas Label NA/17.00 Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut (Split) 6.50/23.00 White Clois Du Bois (Chardonnay) 6.00/21.00 Robert Mondavi Woodbridge (Chard) 6.00/21.00 Beringer Vineyards (Chard) 9.00/35.00 Callaway Coastal (Sauv. Blanc) 6.00/21.00 Robert Mondavi Woodbridge (Wh.Zin) 6.00/21.00 Cavit Collection (Pinot Grigio) 7.00/26.00 Red Robert Mondavi Woodbridge (Cabernet) 6.50/22.00 Clois Du Bois (Cabernet) 9.00/35.00 Robert Mondavi Woodbridge (Merlot) 7.50/29.00 Ravenswood Vintners Blend (Zin) 6.50/24.00 Concannon Vineyards (Pinot Noir) 7.50/29.00 House Wine La Terre Chardonnay 5.00/19.00 Cabernet 5.50/20.00 Merlot 5.50/20.00 Coffee Drinks Mexican Coffee Montezuma Gold Tequila and Kahlua 6.00 Las Casuelas Coffee Bailey’s and Kahlua 6.00 Irish Coffee Made with Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey 6.00 Keoke Coffee Paul Mason Brandy and Kamora Coffee Liqueur 6.00 Quinta Coffee Featuring Patron XO Cafe 6.00 Tequila In the State of Jalisco, Mexico Lies a Town which has Lent its Name and has Become Synonymous with One of the World's Most Recognized Spirits...Tequila! The Government of Mexico Designates a "Tequila", Only if it is Derived from the Jalisco Region and some Neighboring areas. Tequila Contains at least 51% Blue Agave. Tequilana Weber Azul or Blue Agave, Bristle with Large, Thick, Cactus like Leaves with a Blue Hue. While the Agave May Appear to be a Cactus they are Actually Related to the Lily. A Close Sister of Tequila is Mezcal, But is Made from Five Different Varieties of Agave. The Process of Making Mezcal is Similar to Tequila but not Made in the Offi cial Jalisco Region. Our Tequilas are Marked 100% Blue Agave with a * Mark Mezcal This Mezcal is from the Oaxaca Region in Southern Mexico Monte Alban 6.75 Golds Jovan Abocado or Gold Tequilas Typically Rely on Their Aged Appearance from Added Caramel to Give Them Color and flavor, Not from Aging. Golds are Usually Served as Shooters. Cuervo Gold 5.50 Margaritaville 5.25 Montezuma 5.00 Plata Also Known as Blanco or Silver these Tequilas are Never Aged in Wood. Platas are Known for Their Pure Taste and Clear Color * Asombroso Souvenir Bottle 6.50 * Cabo Wabo Silver 6.50 * Sauza Tres Generaciones Platinum 6.50 * Corazan Blanco 6.50 * Corralejo Blanco 6.50 * Don Julio Blanco 6.50 * Asombroso 6.50 * Paqui Silvera 6.50 * Patron Silver 6.50 * Don Eduardo Blanco 6.50 * Espolon Silver 6.50 * 1800 Silver 6.50 * Chinaco Blanco 6.50 * El Tesoro Silver 6.25 * Herradura Silver 6.25 * Milagro Silver 6.25 Reposado Reposado are Aged from Two months to a Year usually in Oak Barrels. Reposado means "Rested in Wood". Great Flavor yet Mellowed from it's Resting Time in Oak * Asombroso 7.00 * Sauza Tres Generaciones 7.00 * Chinaco 7.00 * Patron 7.00 * Corazon 6.75 * Don Julio 6.75 * Espolon 6.75 * Herradura 6.50 * Centinela 6.50 * Milagro 6.50 * El Tesoro 6.25 * Sauza Hornitos 6.25 * Cabo Wabo 6.25 * Cazadores 6.25 * Corralejo 6.25 * 1800 6.25 * Paqui 7.00 Añejo Añejo Tequilas are Aged a Minimum of One Year and Exceptionally Smooth with a Deep Gold Color, Complex Taste and a Long Finish. * Don Eduardo 8.25 * 1800 8.25 * Sauza Tres Generaciones 8.25 * Centenario 8.00 * Centinela 8.00 * Corralejo 8.00 * Corazon 8.00 * Don Julio 8.00 * El Tesoro 7.75 * Milagro 7.75 * Espolon 7.75 * Herradura 7.75 * Patron 7.75 * Sauza Conmemmorativo 7.50 * El Jimador 7.50 * Paqui 7.75 Super Añejo These Fine Sipping Tequilas are Normally Served in a Snifter with Ice on the Side. They are Similar to Very Smooth Brandies and Cognacs. * Herradura Seleccion Suprema 25.00 * Reserva de la Familia Cuervo 23.00 * Asombroso 17.00 * El Tesoro Paradiso 11.00  
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